Dear Friends,

Kitchen Naturals is offering a new line of Neuleaf Tropical Teas.

The Bignai Tea.

Taste our teas made from Asia's exotic, delicious and
little-known but nutrition-rich and beneficial fruits, leaves, roots, flowers and herbs.

Be surprised and delighted by the bright, sharp and
unusual flavors and scents of our tropical teas.

Be charmed by our tea canisters, designed to reflect our Asian heritage and
keep all our teas fresh and pure for a long time.

Be reassured by the thought that we are a company that respects the land and
people that produce all the elements that go into the making of our tropical teas.

When you want special time,
When you're preparing for a long and busy day,
When you want peace and silence,
When you want to talk and share the day with the people you love,
Reach for Kitchen Naturals Tropical Teas!

Thanks and experience Neuleaf Bignai Tea, Asia's natural bounty in a cup.

Warmest regards,

Neuleaf Teas by Kitchen Naturals