Co-enzyme Q10 Tropical Tea

Four berries go into the making of Co-Enzyme Q10 tea-bignay or Antidesma bunius, lipote or Syzygium polycephalum, kalumpit or Terminalia edulis and white mulberries or Morus alba. White mulberry trees are indigenous to China and essential to the survival of the silk industry since silkworms survive on a diet of their leaves. Mulberry trees are fast growers, adding as much as ten feet to its height in just one year. They prefer fertile soil and a good supply of water but can survive drought, heat and poor soil. The fruit is sweet-tart and juicy but very fragile and bruises easily, has a very short shelf life and naturally, usually consumed fresh locally. The fruit can be processed into mulberry wine, jams and jellies while the leaves can be used as a vegetable.

The bignay tree is medium-sized (about 30 feet tall) and grows wild in secondary forests, along riverbanks, and in backyards in the Philippines. The fruit do not ripen simultaneously, resulting in a startling display of beautiful bunches-white, green, pink, red and black berries-during the fruiting season. When unripe, bignay is quite sour but when fully ripe it is sweet-tart. Bignay fruit and tender young leaves are eaten raw and used as souring agents in cooking. The ripe berries are processed into mouth watering and top quality jam, jelly, vinegar, brandy and wine that have an extremely long shelf life. Philippine bignay is wild-crafted-collected from trees that grow in the wild in their natural surroundings. Wild-crafted plants are considered richer in nutrients and more beneficial for your health.

Kalumpit trees are indigenous to the Philippines. They grow in the country's primary forests and plains, and range from its extreme northern to extreme southern points. It is a medium-sized tree (about 50 feet+) with cream flowers that turn into juicy, tart, dark red berries that can be made into excellent preserves. Lipote or liputi are evergreen trees that like bignay, kalumpit and morus alba produce sweet-tart berries eaten raw or processed into preserves.

Neuleaf Co-Q10 tea, made from four wild crafted, nutritious and yummy berries, is one of Neuleaf's new Protective Teas. Protect your body, protect your mind, protect your life.