Guava Tropical Tea

Guava or Psidium guajava is an "old" fruit indigenous to Central America. It has since branched out to the rest o the tropical world. Spanish explorers brought it to the Philippines where this small evergreen tree can be found growing wild in backyards, clearings and second growth forests. It is extremely adaptable and can tolerate poor soil and even brief exposures to cold weather. However cold weather can affect its growth and lengthen the time needed by the fruit to mature.

In tropical countries, the fruit is usually available all year round. Guavas can be round, oval or pear-shaped, with skin that is usually green when immature or yellow when ripe. The flesh can vary in color from white and yellow to a deep dark pink and is studded with small seeds. Guava has a distinctive aroma which is strong enough to fill a room when fully ripe. It is sweet but not too sweet, retaining a slight tartness even when ripe. The fruit is good eaten raw alone or mixed with other fruit, but is increasingly popular as exceptionally fragrant and delicious fruit juice, jams, jellies, wine, pies, pastries, etc.

Ripe guavas are also used in the Philippines to make a local seafood-based sour soup and a sweet "soup" rich with thick coconut cream and a touch of brown sugar. Fragrant guava leaves are also used to smoke meat. A unique use of guava has become part and parcel of Filipino culture and rural traditions-the leaves are chewed into a paste and used to prevent infection during the summer rites of circumcision done by the local herbal healer. Global guava production is half a million tons a year. The principal producers are Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. Florida also grows guava on 200 acres of land. In the Philippines guava is wild-crafted, picked from trees that grow as guava trees have grown for the past few hundreds of years, in their natural habitat. With recent discoveries of guava's extraordinary nutritional punch, and guava's rising popularity as a Super Fruit, we may witness a sharp rise in production in the coming years.

Neuleaf Guava Tea is refreshing, with a slightly astringent and clean taste, made from wildcrafted guava leaves, carefully selected and naturally processed.