Lemon Grass Tropical Tea

Lemongrass or Cymbopogon citratus is just one of the many members of the family of tropical grasses that grow extensively in Asia. Some scientists trace the origin of lemongrass to India or Sri Lanka; others believe it is indigenous to South Asia and Southeast Asia. Lemongrass is a perennial plant with thick and tough stems and long, sharp-edged leaves. It prefers and grows best in moist soil and sunny areas, although it dislikes the intense heat of the tropical afternoon sun. It can tolerate sandy soil but thrives best with fertile and well drained soil. Although it grows in large clumps, lemongrass can be planted in large containers and thrive as long as it is kept moist and warm.

Lemongrass is extremely useful and versatile. Its oil, sometimes called citronella, is used in aromatherapy. It adds that distinctive and soothing lemon fragrance to candles, perfumes and soaps. It has also tested and proven to be effective as a preservative of ancient manuscripts. Lemongrass is also a mild pesticide; its oil can be rubbed on your skin, it can be planted around the house or its leaves chopped and scattered around to drive off insects, particularly mosquitoes.

Lemon grass has long been associated with Asian cuisine. The tender inner core of its thick stems is an essential ingredient in many Indian, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. It is chopped and ground-using mortar and pestle-with garlic, chili peppers, ginger and other spices to make Thai and Vietnamese and other curry sauces. The sweetness of the lemongrass balances the heat and fire of the spices. It is also used to flavor soups and stir fries.

Lemongrass tea is an ancient herbal drink that was and still is believed to calm people down and help them relax and sleep soundly. It the Amazon it is considered as a sedative tea. Others believe it is a beautifying drink that helps to keep your skin clear and unblemished. Neuleaf Lemongrass Tea, delicious and fragrant, is one of Neuleaf's Cleansing Teas, made from lemongrass leaves, carefully selected and naturally processed.