Pito-Pito Tropical Tea

Pito-pito (seven-seven) is a popular Filipino herbal drink brewed from the leaves of seven traditional herbs. Seven is a lucky number and many people think a seven-herb tea will be powerful enough-medicinally and numerically to chase away their daily aches and pains. The tea is not just for drinking. Infants and women who had just given birth and needed a body "cleansing" are bathed in it. The cleansing tea bath is also used by people who had been ill or wounded, and need a boost on their way to full recovery and rejuvenation.

There is no one formula for pito-pito. Some recipes include seeds or spices and not just leaves, which is considered acceptable, as long as there are exactly seven ingredients. There are variations on what seven herbs are used to make pito-pito. Neuleaf's choices-guava, mango, papaya, forest tea, pandan, banaba and alagaw have a good track record as traditional herbs, replete with glowing testimonies over the years and now. More important, recent findings from scientific studies have tended to support, to a certain extent, the use of these herbs by traditional healers, and given us a glimpse into their potential and actual value in health care.

Guava, mango and papaya, for instance, are gaining a reputation, quite justified, for being delicious and low fat, low sodium and relatively low calorie treats that contain enzymes, antioxidants and other elements that are seriously good for you. In the past, generations have chewed guava leaves to make an astringent paste for wounds, or brewed guava tea to ease tooth aches and swollen gums, and prepare cleansing baths for infants and women who have just given birth. People who wanted to control their blood sugar and blood pressure drank an infusion using young and tender mango leaves. Papaya tea is a traditional drink that is believed to improve our circulation and protect our heart. The soothing alagaw, the energizing banaba, the refreshing wild forest tea and delicious pandan complete Neuleaf's lucky seven herbs.

Neuleaf pays homage to the traditional pito-pito and elevates it to the Neuleaf Seven-Herb Tea, retaining the wisdom of the past, and adding the knowledge of the new millennium. It is one of Neuleaf's line of Protective Teas.