Nutritional qualities and Benefits

Guava, papaya and mango are tropical fruits that are becoming more and more popular and accessible in temperate countries, not only for their delicious flavor but also for their amazing nutritional value. They are fantastic sources of Vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene, minerals and dietary fiber as well as low in sodium, fat and cholesterol and relatively low-calorie. Even their leaves (used to make pito-pito) bring us numerous health benefits.

Guava and mango leaves are loaded with antioxidants, including vitamins and polyphenols, that protect our cells and DNA from free radical damage, slowing down the aging process and protecting us from the diseases associated with aging, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. Guava leaves display anti-allergic and anti-diabetic properties, and contain volatile oils that are anti-cancer. Mango leaves contain the polyphenol mangiferin, which is also anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory, and has shown potential to protect us from heart disease and cancer.

The herb papaya contains the enzyme papain, which promotes good digestion, prevents or eases the pain of heartburn, and helps to prevent constipation. Papaya leaves contain beta-carotene, calcium, niacin, tannins and a good amount of Vitamin C, actually more Vitamin C than what the actual fruit contains. Banaba, on the other hand, has an insulin-like effect and seems to help regulate our blood sugar and cholesterol levels with minimal side effects. Banaba leaves are also a rich source of minerals and dietary fiber that help keep you regular and lessen the possibilities of damage to colon cells that can lead to colon cancer if unchecked.

Alagaw tea is considered an expectorant since it helps the body get rid of phlegm that is one cause of persistent and severe cough. Pandan leaves, aside from smelling and tasting delicious, contain flavonoids that are antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. The leaves of the wild tea shrub, on the other hand, are recommended for people who suffer from stomach pains.