Wild Forest Tropical Tea

Wild forest tea (Ehretia Microphylla) grows throughout the Philippines, in undergrowth and secondary forests, and from the Batan Islands in the north to Mindanao in the south. It is a small shrub (height: 1-5 meters), with bright green, notched, glossy leaves, tiny white flowers and tiny round red fruit, making it look like a miniature Christmas tree. In fact it is beloved by gardeners who use the shrub for landscaping or pick well formed young plants and develop them into bonsai or miniature trees. Wild forest tea grows best under full sunshine for at least half a day to a full day. It requires some protection from extreme heat, regular watering and slightly moist but well drained soil.

Wild forest tea is also known as Philippine tea and Fukien tea. The tea made from Ehretia Microphylla looks, tastes and smells just like regular tea, but with a faint and refreshing tinge of mint. It has been used locally by traditional healers to soothe the stomach and sore throat, and to prepare a cleansing wash for a woman before and after she gives birth. Because of its high fluoride content, wild forest herbal tea is used as a gargle to strengthen teeth and refresh your breath.

Because it is so delicious, easy to prepare and cheap, wild forest tea is considered as a beverage like coffee and regular tea by many rural folk. Wild forest tea is one of the ten herbs approved by the Philippine Department of Health as alternative medicine for specific health complaints.

Wild forest tea is wild crafted. Only healthy and mature leaves are picked and enough leaves are left on the plant to make sure it survives and continues to grow normally and sustainably. The leaves are cleaned and then air dried before being packed in our unique and sanitary containers. Neuleaf Wild Forest Tea is one of Neuleaf's line of Cleansing Teas.